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Focusing on economic analysis to improve international development and trade policies through a wide array of topics including methods for measuring poverty and inequality, evaluation of public policies for poverty reduction and economic growth, interactions between environment, health and development, methods for measuring technical change and impacts of agricultural research, political economy of trade, imperfect competition and intra-industry trade, and the monetary aspects of international trade.

Recent Publications

Faculty and Graduate Students Title and Publication Name

George Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, Di Zeng* 

"Ex-Post Impacts of Improved Maize Varieties on Poverty in Rural Ethiopia," Agricultural Economics, 46 (2015): 515-526.
George Norton, Jeff Alwang, Kate Vaiknoras* "Farmer Preferences for Attributes of Conservation Agriculture in Eastern Uganda." African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, June 2015, 158-173.
Everett Peterson, Jason Grant
 “Evaluating the Trade Restrictiveness of Phytosanitary Measures on US Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exports,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (In Press)
Jason Grant 
“Reciprocal Trade Agreements: Impacts on U.S. and Foreign Suppliers in Commodity and Manufactured Food Markets,” Economic Research Reports, 138: 1-40.
Jason Grant
“Is the Growth of Regionalism as Significant as the Headlines Suggest? Lessons from Agricultural Trade,” Agricultural Economics, 44(1): 93-109
Anupa Sharma, Mary Marchant "National Survey of Study Abroad Programs Conducted in Asia Using the Food and Agriculture Education Information System (FAEIS) Database." North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Journal, 58:2(June 2014)140-147.
Bradford Mills
"Reaching the Poor: Cash Transfer Program Targeting in Cameroon." World Development. 83 (July 2016) 244-263.